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At launch, this expansion was a brilliant addition to an already massive game, brimming with new ideas and dozens of potential directions to take things in the future.

But following release, Blizzard dropped the ball in a way so spectacular that it’s still hard to believe. There isn’t just a vague feeling that the game is worse now than it used to be; there is objective evidence that this is the expansion with the least amount of additional content Blizzard has ever provided.

It wasn’t just player and critical feedback, either.

That love for the expansion showed in subscriber numbers, which crested over 10 million once more for the first time in years. I stopped playing three or four months after review, because I don’t think it was wrong.

Every community consider it the tipping point that pushed away the millions of subscribers who had returned to the MMO to check out this expansion. A few minimal quality of life improvements, new Blood Elf models, the ability to tweet from the game and (tied to that) a new in-game item that allows your character to take selfies.

In terms of fresh, repeatable content to keep players invested, there was virtually nothing. It was also a smaller raid, the second half of the expansion’s first tier of raiding content. Even Blizzard admits that patch 6.1 was too little.

You must provide a letter from your bank or credit card agency stating so. ecosystem — and, indeed, the ecosystem of any subscription-based massively multiplayer game.Players continue paying a monthly fee to access the game in part because they believe there will be a continued stream of fresh content for them to check out, aspire to conquer and be challenged by.A month later, Blizzard sang a different tune — Cory Stockton, another lead designer on the MMO, made it clear there would not be another major patch.It seemed like Blizzard could not give a straight answer. On top of being demonstrably the lowest-content expansion in retail price started at .99.

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All that was left was to repeat the same string of boring daily quests over and over, while waiting for a small handful of time-locked story quests to become available to me.

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